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Abrasive Wheels Training Course Objectives

On completion of this training participants will be able to:-

  • Safely store and identify abrasive wheels

  • Be able to select the appropriate wheel use

  • Be able to inspect and recognise damaged wheels

  • Be able to mount an abrasive wheel

  • Understand the hazards and risks when using abrasive wheels

Abrasive Wheels Training Course Content

  • Abrasive wheels regulations

  • Identifying the hazards working with abrasive wheels

  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job

  • Inspection & testing of abrasive wheels

  • Guarding of grinding and cutting operations

  • Dressing and truing of abrasive wheels

  • Functions of components, flanges, blotters etc

  • Differences between grinding and cutting operations

  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel 


Assessment is by a theory and practical test. 


DG Training Academy “Abrasive Wheels Certificate” is awarded to participants on successful completion of course. 

Refresher Training & Certification Validity Period

Refresher Training is recommended at intervals not greater than 2 years.

Special Instructions for This Course

Any special needs / requirements should be identified at time of booking. 

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