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FAQ PAT Testing

Pat Testing FAQ

1- Is Pat Testing A Legal Requirement?

Yes, testing portable appliance is a legal requirement under the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2007 S.I. 299

2- Do all our portable appliances need to be Pat Tested?

Most portable appliances will require testing to ensure they are safe. Computers, Kettles, Microwaves, Work Tools, Laptop Chargers are examples of some item for testing.

3- How often should we be having our portable appliances tested?

Periods for testing vary on many factors such as the equipment, use, and location. We recommend testing portable appliances every 1-2 years to be safe and legally compliant.

4- Will pat testing in my workplace disturb our staff’s work?

There should be no reason for your staff’s work to be disturbed and your pat tester will be able to work around your needs and schedule for the days of testing.

5- Why should I have pat testing carried out?

To increase workplace safety and protect your business from legal claims from injuries related to appliances. Extend the life of your appliances and spot immediate dangerous from portable appliances.

6- How Can I reduce the cost of Pat Testing?

Talk to your Pat Tester about multiple year packages and you could save a lot on your testing. It is a

regular service, so it makes sense to have a contract for consistency also.